How long will we be justifying ourselves and seek the blame in the other? by Abbot Gavril (Galev)

Humanity has long time fallen from the heights of the image of God? Why is humanity not moving forward?

One of the biggest reasons is the sin. We have gotten used to the sin so much that it has become our second nature. Furthermore to this selfjustification is another reason why we are not self improving and slowly sinking in quicksand.

If the sin has become our second nature why don’t we recognise the sin as our natural state?

For all the good deeds that we do we really know how to show them off. Even if we find ourselfs in a situation where someone else has commited a good deed we know to take partial credit of it. Then why don’t we answer for our sins in the same manner? Why do we always look to justify them and/or blame others? Its always someone elses fault but never ours.

What about the struggle to follow Christ’s example, let us try and take up on us the sins of others. By continuously justifying ourselves we have nothing left in common with Christ?

It is said: “He Himself took our weaknesses and bore away our diseases” and “But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Let us stop lying to ourselves, we have nothing in common with Christ because our love is bounded and has faded. I am not reffering to the ones that don’t know Christ. For those we say they don’t know the truth and haven’t been enlightened. But I am reffering to us, the christians, the ones in black robes and the unmarked.

Lord Jesus Christ how distant have we become. St. Grigorij palama has continuously prayed: Lord, enlighten my darkness and let me recognize my sins and not judge others.

Untill we stop looking at things only from our point of view we will continue to sin and have conflict with our closest, we will continue to justify our sins and hurt others.

When instead of selflove, we show love to others and try to become humble and look through the eyes of our brother then we will be able to see the other side. Then we will see our brother justified and holy and we will see ourselves sinful. Only then we’ll have our peace and acceptance of others.

God Jesus Christ enlighten my darkness and have mercy on me, the sinner!